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from our family to yours

Gumnut Country Bakehouse/Eatwell Foods is launched with the vision of supplying high-quality food products to the foodservice industry; and a steadfast dedication to excellence and a passion for delicious food.


In a significant move reflecting its growth and devotion to quality, Eatwell Foods transitioned into a purpose-built manufacturing plant. Equipped with cutting-edge machinery from Europe, the new site boosts output and product variety. Notably, it enables onshore production of crackers [formerly imported] showcasing a commitment to quality and local manufacturing.


Eatwell Foods invests in another fully automated production line, further elevating its capacity and productivity. This move once again resulted in expanded product lines which ultimately reached a broader customer base. To support this growth, internal teams were bolstered, reflecting Eatwell's commitment to continued expansion in the local food industry.


Eatwell Foods embarked on a transformative journey toward automation and robotics. This move was aimed to mitigate supply chain disruptions and accommodate surging demands. Excitingly, Eatwell expanded its horizons through international exports, commencing with a launch in New Zealand and promising ventures further abroad coming soon. With a dedicated team poised for growth, Eatwell continued laying the foundation for another year of remarkable expansion and success.



Eatwell Foods underwent a major brand refresh, unveiling its new identity as Kyneton Biscuit Group. This thrilling transformation is a tribute to its roots in Kyneton while reaffirming its devotion to baking beloved biscuits in true country style. With a heartfelt slogan, "from our family to yours", Kyneton Biscuit Group celebrates its heritage and looks forward to sharing its time-honoured products far and wide.

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