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Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Cookie Factory

Welcome to The Cookie Factory, where our biscuits are crafted with care and passion. Explore our delicious selection, arranged under three distinct brands: Eatwell, Gumnut and MacRae.

Good Value.jpg

GUMNUT Good Value

Anzac Lemon _ Choc Chip Coconut.jpg

GUMNUT Lemon & Anzac

Anzac Lemon _ Choc Chip Coconut.jpg

GUMNUT Choc Chip & Coconut

Good Value.jpg

GUMNUT Double Plain

Twin Oat.jpg

GUMNUT Twin Oatmeal

Single Oat.jpg

GUMNUT Single Oatmeal


EATWELL Fancy Anzac &
Choc Chip


EATWELL Fancy Shortbread & Anzac


EATWELL Fancy Shortbread & Choc Chip


MACRAE Butter Shortbread

Fruit Oat Cinnamon.jpg

EATWELL Fruit, Oat & Cinnamon

GF Shortbread.jpg

EATWELL Gluten Free
Butter Shortbread

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